Prices Oddestemmen Camping

Price from 01.06.2024- 31.08.2024 for staying in the camp (per night). Check-out before 15:00.


Car + tent/caravan and 2 persons

Nkr. 300,00

Motorhome and 2 persons                        

Nkr. 300,00

1 motorcycle, 1 smal tent, 1 person                                                                                 2 motorcycles, tent and 2 persons

Nkr. 150,00                  Nkr. 200,00

Bikes, tents and 2 persons

Nkr.   100,00

Electricity 10A free, only with isolated earthkabel.


All other extra tents

Nkr.   40,00

Every extra person (including children)

Nkr.   30,00



Cottage prices, 2024 checkout latest Kl. 12,00           


Cottage Nr. 1 with 2 beds, use central kitchen

Nkr. 450,00

Cottage Nr. 2 with 5 beds, use central kitchen

Nkr. 600,00

Cottage Nr. 3 with 3 beds use central kitchen


Cottage Nr. 4 with 2 bedrooms,5 beds, bathroom and kitchen

Nkr. 850,00

Cottage Nr. 5 with 4 beds,table and chairs, toilet and kitchen corner

Nkr. 700,00

Cottage Nr. 6 with 2 beds, bathroom and kitchen corner



Our cottages are equipped with a kitchen corner or fridge and an electric kettle.


The cottages are not provided with blankets, pillows and bed linen (can be rented N0k.120,00 per.bed.  Order min. 2 days in advance.


Hot shower, use of the place for washing up, Wi-Fi access are free of charge. 

Emptying of septictank and filling of drinking water are free for guests of our campsite.




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